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About MD Resource Management
MD Resource Management Inc was establishned for the sole purpose of improving the profitability, effectiveness and efficiency of physician practices and self-funded entities relating to their claims management.  MDRM is a full service claims recovery, claims management and cost control services company that assists physician practices, self-funded entities and consumers.  

Our staff has over 20 years of Healthcare Administration and Health Insurance experience and uses a holistic approach encompassing technology, benchmarking and business evaluation to increase our clients profitability.  Our strengths consist of a deep understanding and experience with health insurance and healthcare markets.  

We have invested in management tools that deliver the industry's highest claim acceptance and fastest claim payments.  Expedited and proper claims reimbursement assures profitability for physician practices, self-funded entities and consumers.  MDRM seeks to assist in the management and recovery of medical claims for our clients by taking this difficult and cumbersome process off their hands and allow them to do what they do best.  

Our Strengths

MDRM combines Claims Recovery/Claims Management Services with Business Evaluation services to decrease business expenses such as payroll processing and insurance.  MDRM combines all these onerous tasks into a single service package, reducing overhead expenses while increasing efficiency and profitability.  

Our combined services allow for an added advantage provided for each client.  Physician offices benefit from our practice management/billing collections while our claims recovery/management services may benefit their patients.  In the same sense our claims auditing services to self-funded organizations extend to their employee's disputed claims.  These services increase employee satisfaction regarding their medical plan.  

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