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Practice Services
Physician Services
Patient Services

  • Full Service Billing/Collections (Revenue Reimbursement Analysis, Fee Schedule Analysis, Code Analysis, Medical Review of Denied Claims and Appeals)
  • Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management system implementation
  • Contract Review to assure proper carrier reimbursements
  • Benefit Verification Services
  • Access to our in-house attorney for issue of collections and carrier contracts

MD Resource Management is the one stop solution for physician offices.  MDRM is dedicated to evaluating physician practices and increasing physician revenue while auditing expenses.  We provide our clients personalized services for their unique needs.

We provide a variety of services including:
  • Marketing/Referral Services
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing with Practice Management System
  • Expenses Review and implementation of services, such as, insurance, employee benefits and payroll processing.
We have invested in Practice Management tools that deliver the industries highest claim acceptance and payments.  While the industry average for rejected claims is 30%, according to Medical Group Management Association, our average rejection rate is less than 5% while decreasing the payment cycle from 7-21 days.  

Our frequent updates assure current coding and billing requirements while access to over 100 essential reports relating to billing, accounts receivables, HIPPA and more are available upon request.  Secured billing data is backed up every hour in multiple off site locations in addition to being HIPPA compliant.

Call us today for a complimentary, no obligation evaluation of your practice.
Business Services
  • MDRM works with physicians in collecting from insurance companies for their patients claims.  The high cost of health insurance has forced most patients to opt for higher deducibles plans which has resulted in an increase of out of pocket costs for patients.
  • MDRM can assist in retrieving money owed to you the physician while protecting the relationship with patients by retrieving 100% of what is owed to them as well. 
  • Ultimately, when insurance do not pay all that is billed, patients are sent to collections or debt is written off.  Let MDRM intervene before sending patient accounts to collections.